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GV Soccer

Schools PPA & Coaching programme.

PPA Cover and After Schools Clubs.


We understand that it can be hard to provide the needs of PPA in a normal working day. This is where we can step in and support your school Here at GV Soccer and in partnership with Trafford FC, we pride ourselves on our open and supportive culture. This is how we have developed such a high quality service to provide to schools, local colleges and children centres across the UK. Our provision is like no other provider, this is demonstrated below with our breakdown of what our service means.


§                     Generic coaches that can work with your school 39 weeks of the year

§                     Our staff become your staff

§                     We have a support team working with all coaches to assist the quality of the service

§                     All staff complete relevant training

§                     We only employ qualified and experienced staff 

§                     We offer a full planning folder with all lesson plans relevant to all ages and abilities

§                     We provide assessments on all classes and children

§                     Copies of external observations are sent to school to keep for your evidence

§                     We offer guaranteed quality cover if our staff are sick or absent

§                     Our staff go the extra mile, attending parents evening to feed back to parents and guardians

§                     Our staff will ensure that lessons are taught in a style that will engage all children to develop their own learning and improve healthy lifestyles. 

§                     Our service is built around the Every Child Matters Agenda

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